Challenge your memory and race against time by matching the cards in orbit.

android memory in orbit game
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Classic memory game
too easy for you?

Try Memory in Orbit and challenge your memory. The game is great for strengthening your cognitive skills, training your attention, focus, and boosting your brain power. It's a great memory teaser, built for kids and young adults as well. It's a completely free game and excellent if you want to pass some time.

How to play

symbol commet memory

Find the match to the card in central position.

symbol commet memory

If you miss, the cards will switch places.

symbol commet memory

Keep in mind that all the cards will rotate around the center at level-specific intervals.

Beautiful Icons

New updates will bring brand new icon packages for you to choose from.

Default package
  • whale memory symbol
  • lighthouse memory symbol
  • brain memory symbol
  • sushi memory symbol
  • camera memory symbol
  • chocolate memory symbol
  • pyramid memory symbol
  • fish memory symbol
Kanji characters
  • ambition memory symbol kanji
  • rain memory symbol kanji
  • leaves memory symbol kanji
  • feather memory symbol kanji
  • friend memory symbol kanji
  • forest memory symbol kanji
  • music memory symbol kanji
  • tiger memory symbol kanji